Friday, March 16, 2012

OH Boy

Well it seems I have opened my mouth.
When I first moved into my area of town my neighbour and I went for walks all the time. I noticed that there is not any place for children to play in the actual neighbourhood. The closest place was a ways away especially for very young ones to get to. I remember going right across the street to play at the park in our neighbourhood and spending most of my childhood there.
Anyways I did not know who to call maybe to talk to someone who we could think about maybe doing something about rectifying this. We have three or more places in our neighbourhood that can accommodate a fairly large park actually. Last night I ended up getting a notice of a community meeting to take about making our little area nice to look at huh. Well here's my chance. I cannot go to the meeting as hubby has new job and will be at work so I fired off an e-mail. and guess who is coming to pick my brain for coffee next week. I had to open my mouth lol.
Oh well maybe this way something good will happen or not it is the government. We will see. I will update you after I meet with the aldermen.

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