Sunday, April 22, 2012

Did anyone find anything interesting at the online needlework show. I kinda feel its the same over and over. I wish I could go to our creative festival next weekend but it is way to hard to go on my own cause one I usually take the train and two with the baby just can't see myself being comfortable in a show like that with a stroller. Oh well there is always the fall one.
I  was stitching up a storm last night watching we bought a zoo. It was a really sweet movie, I enjoyed it! I'm on the last page of Cirque so I am hoping WISHING that I will have it completed by the end of this week.
Earlier in the day I headed over to my friend Trina's for a little get together with Jayne. I hadn't seen her for a long time and it was nice to see her and catch up! I wish I was back at stitching on Wednesday nights but I know that it will be better once the baby is older and I am more comfortable with leaving him with my father-in-law or my hubby. My BIL still has not been released from the hospital and things are kinda up in the air until tomorrow. Everyone is on pins and needles waiting. My poor husband wants to come home and misses his son soo much it hurts my heart! He has already missed baby rolling over, and him saying mamma. It really sucks!


  1. I'm trying to avoid looking at the show because I'll want stuff!

    Can you take baby with you for the evening? My friend and I had babies three weeks apart and we both took them to a committee meeting. Mine wanted feeding then as soon as H saw C was being fed, he wanted feeding too!
    I did get one baby-free night out when he was 5 months - but hubby had to bring him down at 10pm for a feed in the car. I just nipped out of the pub, fed baby then went back to my friends.
    Once they're weaned it is good to get Daddy to do the bedtime routine at least once a week so they get used to it.
    Love the photo too, that's a baby that's going to be on the move soon from the looks of it LOL.

  2. Awwwww.... he's such a little darling, Tammy!!! I hope your hubby gets home soon!!


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