Wednesday, April 18, 2012

the online needlework show starts on the 19th if you want to shop from home. I am going to change my fabric for 6 fat men so I will be not stitching it till the other fabby comes in. I really liked Barbi's blue. I got something like it but i'm just hoping its dark enough. When you order online you never know what color it will turn out to be. I mean what shade.


  1. Hi Tammy

    Thanks for the link. Hope your fabric shade is ok for you, it's difficult to tell on-line isn't it?

  2. I love shopping online, but your right that is the only thing about online shopping that isn't never know if the shade is going to be right.

  3. I hope the fabric that you ordered arrives exactly as you picture it to be. Luckily I asked PTP for advice before ordering mine. I told them specifically that I needed white to show up on mine and they recommended Tarnish to me over Sterling which I was also considering.


  4. So true Tammy. I've ordered fabric many times and when it came I was very surprised. You never know. I would love to get into dying my own fabric but every time I think about it, I wonder how much fabric I'll actually ruin! Thanks for the link to the online show.


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