Wednesday, May 9, 2012

stuffed and sewed

Well our visit has been set for the 22nd to go see my friend and her mom to drop off Brighter Tomorrows and this little pillow for my friend. She has just done her 3rd treatment of Chemo and so far is doing great. They are 99% sure they got all of the cancer with the 2 surgeries she had and was confident the if there was anything left the chemo would destroy it. Here is hoping and praying that that is true.

I have a question for those of you who have sewed something that you need to stuff. How do you close the seem that is left open neatly? I have tried two different stitches but to me it still looks funny and you can tell it has been stitched in that one spot just by looking. Any tricks or hints would be appreciated.

Faith, Hope, Peace sewed and stuffed

man I used picmonkey which Bonnie was using and I absolutely love it!!! 
No more pimples in pictures for me!!!

I was able to get to some of my errands today but then it down-poured and babe and I were not dressed for it so I headed home!
Making the trip to the post office on Friday to send off some special packages!
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  1. Beautiful pillow you've made. Hope your friend will be cancer free after the treatment is finished. Can't really offer much help with the finishing but have you tried slip stitch to close it?


  2. The pillow looks great... I'm sure your friend will cherish it.

    Here's a great video showing the ladder stitch to use for stitching up those seams...

  3. Lovely pillow and said a prayer for your friend. Love the new picture of you and Nicola. I normally slip stitch the opening using a matching thread.

  4. You and baby look great! I've heard good things about PicMonkey. Glad you like it. And I only know how to sew up seams on a machine!! Sorry I can't help. I think your little pillow looks absolutely fab though. Will say a prayer for your friend for her chemo and surgery making her cancer free, Tammy.

  5. I use the ladder stitch too and agree you can find some nice tutorials for it on YouTube or by googling 'ladder stitch'. I am going to try PicMonkey today - thanks for mentioning it since I miss Picnik.


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