Sunday, June 3, 2012

blogging and stitching

well I have a few questions
#1 - why do you stitch?
The reason why I ask this is the reason why you will see so many changes and colors changes on my blog. I love colour!! The best way of showcasing that is through stitching. It takes so many colours of different shades that I never even new existed until I started stitching with DMC and then came along Sampler threads then Weeks and now Crescent's and Vera Bradley Oh my. My stash has more patterns then threads (I think?) but I do love all my colours. Oh yeah not to mention all the different colors of beads!!! Its funny though, in my clothing you will mostly find navy blue and purple with a touch of pink and orange and that's it.
Well its off to my son's last swimming lesson (my hubby is swimming today) then its off to red Lobster for supper. Lost 3 lbs this week (doing a happy dance) thats 5lbs so far in two weeks and I even cheated!! That might come back to haunt me during PMS week haha.
Have a good rest of your Sunday, Happy Stitching

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  1. I stitch because I find it relaxing but keeps my mind occupied as well. There are so many gorgeous patterns out there to stitch and as you say, so many wonderful colour palettes to play with.

  2. I stitch because it's relaxing and because it's very satisfactory when you have a finish. Also, because I feel like I'm lazy if I don't have a project in my hands.

    And now that I've discovered the EGA and all of these stitching blogs, I see how many different patterns and designs are out there and I feel like a kid in a candy shop!


  3. Huge grats on the weight loss Tammy. I have a horrible time with that, so kudos to you!!! And I stitch because 1.) It relaxes me, 2.) It occupies my mind, and 3.) I have something gorgeous to hang on my wall at the end. It keeps me busy, and keeps me focused (sort of) and it's fun. I love to stitch, and have been doing a lot of it lately. I have an EGA meeting next week too, and that I'm looking forward to as well. Hope you're doing well!!

  4. mmm why do I stitch ... well dh says it is my life .... it keeps me sane ?? relaxed , keeps the brain working and just adore the sound of a needle passing through fabric with silk or thread attached .... and beads and ribbons of every colour tooo :)
    love mouse xxxx
    ps well done on the weight loss too :)


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