Saturday, June 9, 2012

Sooner then later

My parents are 4hrs away ahhhh I'm not ready!!!! Hubby and I still haven't finished cleaning. Stupid duct cleaning crew was just here whew does it stink of disinfectant now hope it fades fast!!!
Here is an update of the owl as of last night.
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  1. Have fun with the parents and your owl looks great
    Happy Stitching

  2. Very nice!

    My mother always says she doesn't come to see me to check on how clean my house is, but I'm always afraid that she's checking out my mantle for dust.

    Have a great visit!

  3. The owl looks great - the feathers look almost real. Good luck with your parents' visit, I am sure that they have come to see you not your house.

  4. whooooooo's looking for anything but that little cutie Nicola? Hi Mom & Dad hope the ride down was nice and that you are ready to play till the sun goes down.
    Be always in stitches

  5. You enjoy your parents and the visit. Too soon it will be time for them to head back. The owl is looking great girlfriend!

  6. Your owl is looking great. Hope you have a lovely time with your parents.

  7. Your owl is looking very handsome - i am interested to see how he looks when hes finished.

  8. Your owl looks cool. And better it smell like disinfectant that old trash or something. I'm sure your parents will just be happy to be there!! Here's hoping the visit goes well!!

  9. I'm leaving you another comment, Tammy, because I've just tagged you for the Eleven Things Activity. I hope you'll participate. It's fun!!!

  10. I love your owl! I hope you had an excellent visit with your family! :)


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