Monday, September 17, 2012

I must be cracked!

Well last minute I decided that I would enter Nicola's Birth Sampler at the Ancastor Fair. I am proud of it but it is not my best work. I have entered the Calgary Stampede and have won 2 out of 3 times (not trying to brag) and I kinda miss it. So the only thing I figured that might be worthy would be the sampler. Cirque is not stretched perfect and so its a nope for it and the stocking is not sewn together yet (got charms today) so that's a big no too. So the sampler it is. Calgary is very tough on their marking so I don't know how the judges here will be. I am also going to enter Nicola into the baby contest- I am nuts I know!!  My neighbor is entering her son as well (he is 10 months) so she told me to enter him too. Okay why not, everyone keeps telling me he looks like the Gerber baby and he is always smiling and such. So what the hell. I am not telling my hubby though I want to tell him after and send pictures as he made it to Calgary safe and sound today.
So for those of you in the area the baby show is at 10 am if you want to come cheer on my son.
Tomorrow is the drop-off for the picture so, so much for staying home tomorrow and relaxing.

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  1. Good luck on ALL your entries!!

  2. I think it's great that your entering both Tammy. You do beautiful work and your little boy is beautiful. Best of luck girlfriend.


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