Thursday, October 11, 2012

Almost the weekend...

<p>Three more colours and I'm all done. Maybe even tomorrow night if I'm lucky yeah. Tomorrow car needs to go to get fixed, I have a daycare appointment just in case, and one other thing but i'll announce that on Monday. I've had a tough tome with my son and night-time wakeups I am hopeing tonight he sleeps.
Talk to you soon again as soon as fatmen are done


  1. When my older son was Nicola's age, he started waking up at night ready to play. Wouldn't lay back down to sleep. I decided that when he napped during the day, that I would wake him up after an hour. So rather than a two plus hour nap, he would have just the hour. Worked like a charm! He slept all through the nights immediately! Maybe that would be worth a try for you.

  2. Fat men looks great. :D Hope Nicola sleeps well this weekend.

  3. Yay almost a finish - have enjoyed watching you work on this one.


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