Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Hermit update

 Well we had a very foggy, drizzly day today. I had to take a picture of my wonderful Maple tree in
my front lawn. It just looked so beautiful today.

This is an ornament I have been trying to get finished. Its going to be super cute when its completed

My casting a spell that I started Friday night 2 parts done so far out of ten or eleven
 typing away, I am going to have to get him his own haha

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  1. ive always wanted to do that casting a spell design but unfortunately i have no hobby lobby here - BBD have sime of my favourite halloween designs - will enjoy watching your progress on this - your little one is a similiar age as my little boy and ive got 3 boys and one girl so it always makes me smile when you include a photo of your little cutie - its not easy being a mum - some people make it look easy but i dont know, i dont believe it :)

  2. Love the Casting a Spell! Can't wait to see the ornament too!

    Happy Stitching!

  3. Nice stitching - Casting a spell is looking great.

    And what a cutie -- a computer genius in the making.

  4. The tree is gorgeous, Tammy!!

    Stitching looks great and Nicola is adorable. He's probably looking at the monitor and thinking what a handsome boy he is. ;)

    Hope things went well over the weekend for your hubby.

  5. Great stitching projects - especially love the teddy.

    Your son is adorable.


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