Sunday, November 18, 2012

Do you have a Yazzi??

If you do what do you put into it?? Here is what I just took out of two of mine YIKES!!
Lets see
//ort boxes//coloured pencils + extra leads//highlighter//boo boo stick//needles//counter//needle parker//sponge/eye dropper for water//thread heaven//black reversible white cloth//stitch fixer//calculator//needle minders//poly bags//hardanger tweezers//thread wrapper//bead mat//high lighter guide//post its//measuring tape//star de-tailor(my favorite tool)//fabric gauge//reg tweezers//thread//travel light//clip for scissors so they don't get lost-yah right//graph gripper//and my needle holder!

If anybody needs more explanation let me know I'll do a post about that particular item. Out of all the items I have I am missing one tool that I would love to have but have never really got around to buying.
Stork Tweezers. One day I'll have them in my Yazzis too. And of course my Yazzis are a big gotta have thing. They come way bigger also.



  1. OK, do tell. What is a Yazzi?? LOL

    Seriously though, that's a lotta stuff stored in those containers.

  2. I have a Yazzi and love it but I carry a couple small cross stitch projects in when I travel. So very handy. In the last giveaway that I won I got a pair of stork tweezers and they come handy alot.
    Happy Stitching


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