Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Finished Stocking

sitting here looking through the million of options of return address labels for our new place out west. I might end up just making them my own but for now wasting time looking as my hubby snoozes and trys to get over the time changes he went through in two days this past weekend.
Looks like a have a little snowman pattern that is on its way to me! I can't wait to stitch it - it is soo cute. Oh dear now I have the hiccups geesh.

Today was a very nice day I think. No Stress helps that!
I took my son to his day home today and he had a ball of fun. Playing, eating everything in sight and when I got him him he fell asleep again snuggling with my father-in-law on the couch. It was so cute.
After I dropped him off this morning I went to Costco to pick up some pictures then headed to micheals to tips for the icing bags cause I had a 50% of coupon. Also picked up a 12x12 scrapbook frame for sons monthly pictures I have done up. Then I realised I was running late and still had to pick up a container for ornament for exchange so ran/drove fast there. Stopped at Timmys (Tim Hortons) then was on my way to Jaynes.
It was so good to be there and in good company. I so miss going on Wednesdays to stitch night with the girls! I think I was there for a few hours, catching up on everything. I cannot wait to see the stitching piece she is doing completed it is such a neat idea!! One of the other reasons I went to her place is that she finished sewing the stocking for my son. She also did a flat-fold for me too but I want to embellish it before I post that one. I was so excited to see the stocking, and it turned out great!!! Thanks Again Jayne!!!

My parents get here tomorrow night, so this should be a good weekend. Tomorrow is cleaning day around here. Now I better post this mom is calling and wants to see pictures hmmm I wonder who I inherited my impatience from LOL

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  1. I love your son's stocking! It is so sweet.

  2. The Stocking is beautiful.

    Greetings Manuela

  3. Your finished stocking is lovely!

  4. Your stocking is only outshined by the cuteness of your son! He is cuter each time you post a pix. He is getting such a personality.


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