Thursday, November 1, 2012

moving on to November

Well tomorrow I get a break. Sending Nicola to a dayhome for the day so I can get some errands and packing done on the house. My husband has another interview Saturday, please pray and cross your fingers for him please.
We now have a place to stay and I have a daycare also set up where we are going to live. So I hope the rest of my November goes good.
This month my baby turns 1, so I have been sorta planning a bit of what I am going to be doing still have some kinks to work out but all and all looking forward to the day my son smashes his first cake.
My parents are here Wednesday so I am looking forward to that too, as I am sure my son will have a great time with his gammie and grandpa.

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  1. Will be keeping all in prayer Tammy. It sounds like things are moving along real well for you thus far. Hard to believe that Nicola is be a year old soon. They grow so fast. You have a wonderful and productive weekend. Love you lots.

    LindaLee from Cross’N My Stitches

  2. finger are definitely crossed for your family, its so hard getting job these days ii hate interviews as my mouth and brain dont seem to connect and i come out with all sorts of rubbish!

    One year too, wow i REALLY wish mine were that age again lol

    found your blog on the halloween blog hop too, and i am finding some brilliant blogs!


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