Wednesday, December 26, 2012

day before returning to work...

Okay so I was thinking a lot of stitchers start a new project on January 1st. I for one would love to do this with the Alpine Seasons but I am holding back (barley lol). Instead I was reading blogs today and came across a new 2013 Sal.
So I joined lol. I love the first chart. Only thing I would suggest to her is maybe putting a link to find the chart.
I think it will be manageable cause I can do the small charts in between doing my UFO's or I can stitch them on my break at work along with my ornament of the month.
I found out my power cord for my sewing machine along with the peddle is missing (or packed somewhere else). My husband wants me to do a special quilt for our good friend for Christmas next year but I have to find the cord. I have it down to three quilts. I'll try to post pictures of them next time. They have to be a beginner quilt as I suck sewing. This will be my third full size quilt I have done. But I have to say that I didn't complete them without the help of my mom. Maybe she will help me again?? I am going to try my hardest and if I need too I am sure there are some quilters in my small town that can help me out.
As for my stand and the power cord I told my hubby that there might be a chance we will find them when we have a house and the rest of our stuff comes out of storage (lets hope). If not then we will tell the movers. They also got rust on three of the quilts I have because they took them out of my car and stuck them below the truck grrr. I got most of the stains out but not all. I will have to do some more research on Pintrest and see what I can find about rust on material.
I will leave with you some cute pictures of my baby and I am heading to stitch then off to bed for work tomorrow. Wish I had one more day off but oh well.
my cutie

playing in the wrapping garbage bag- he was trying to empty it before we stuck him in it



  1. Good luck with your new SAL and with finding your power cord. ...and your cutie is indeed cute!

  2. Lemon juice and salt is supposed to be good for getting out rust marks .X

  3. Your little one is adorable!
    I hope you are able to get that rust out of your quilts. I can't believe the movers did that....grrrr....
    Good luck on finding the cord!


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