Friday, December 7, 2012

I hate long haul moves!!

Well just to warn you not a very up spirited post....

My hubby finally arrived yesterday and brought along Mr. bronchitis with him. The moving truck came late and now I am trying to get some stains of some sort out of my treasures quilts (that mom made) because they decided to ship my car (don't ask). Also the bolts that hold the crib together are missing and nobody seems to know where they are. So my son therefore is sleeping with us until we can arrange something else.
So other then unpacking and laundry there is nothing that exciting going on out here.
We did manage to get our pipsqueak bundled up to go watch some Christmas celebration fireworks and I got to have a hot chocolate. Visited santa and went for a small walk before heading back home to put the muchkin to bed.

 Nicola seems to be taking longer to ajust to his new daycare and I am concerned about his eating habits lately but I guess I will have to give it some more time and see if anything changes.
My stitching sisters had their annual Christmas supper and from what I have heard it was a blast and I missed out. I already miss the girls and wish I could have stayed and not moved until after the supper and exchange.
read about it HERE.
Also the group made some ornies for 4 girls that join us for our retreat every year and you can read about their get together and see the ornies HERE. Sounds like they had a great time too and enjoyed all the stitchy gifts! Merry Christmas to all the girls!!
I have two days....2 days, too days toooooooo days. Until I start back to work. At a new/old place. I worked for Safeway 5 years ago and am beginning again. I hope this time my experiences are useful and I have a great store. Here is hoping that this weekend brings me sleep, rest, no boxes, lots of stitching with a movie, and a hubby who might be well enough to take me shopping and to Banff on Sunday!!


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  1. Glad to be moved I suspect, but settling in is always a trial I think. I wish you all the best for getting everything organized. And if you do go to Banff, don't forget to check out the Candy Store on Main, I think. I just ordered for delivery to Calgary, some (Nova Scotia) - Robertson's ribbon candy and sponge toffee!! They are great tasting and heavy with memories for me!! :) Happy Day!!


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