Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Stitching on Christmas

Well I was able to get the vines done from two more pages tonight. Now just have to fill in the flowers.  It takes more time with the vines and they are a pain im the butt but they look great when the flowers go around them.
Hope everyone had a great day.  Tomorrow will be just a rest day before heading back to work on Thursday.


  1. I still absolutely love this piece Tammy, and what an excellent job you're doing. I didn't do any stitching at all yesterday, but am about to sit down in my stitching spot now. Looking forward to a warm and lazy day here. Bad weather coming in this afternoon.
    LindaLee from Cross’N My Stitches

  2. So beautiful Tammy!! Merry Christmas to you and your family!!

  3. This is beautiful. I hope you have had a very nice Christmas.

  4. You are quite a swift stitcher, aren't you? I always take such a long time... You'll finish it in no time, I am sure. Have a Happy New Year!

  5. Absolutely gorgeous! Those vines are amazing but look quite fiendish to count. I'm really looking forward to seeing your progress on this. I'm sure you've mentioned it before, but who is the designer?


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