Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sunday Stitching I hope you did some cause I didn't

Well still no stitching! I really really wanna though. My sons room is finally put together with the crib, toy-box and all yahoo! Now if I could only get him to sleep through the night I'd be doing something or rather he would be.
Tomorrow is my first day of work. Dress-code is a white blouse with black pants and black shoes. Sorta got the pants covered, going to where my navy/white runners (hopefully they don't say anything) and bought a white blouse today. Holy moly is it hard to find a short sleeve white blouse that isn't made of that see through stuff that its basically as if your naked. What up with that?
We went to my favorite mall today. Market Mall. Nicola slept all the way there. Of course on the way hubby was all excited to point out new downtown sky-risers and new sub divisions that were not there 5 years ago. I felt like home walking into the mall. So we got the rest of  some of the Christmas shopping done, finished my mom, a great friend, hubby bought my b-day and Christmas present. Nicola slept all the way home too lol. We still have my dad and father-in-law to finish up which we should be able to do on Friday. Then hopefully decorate our little place.


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