Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Bad things do happen!

Since the day of my birthday I have lost my step-grandma, great aunt, and my car.
I posted before about going to Banff. Well on the way there yesterday my car decided it was time to blow a piston and die. Thank God we were close enough to get into a safe place and wait for the tow truck to come get the car. But because of this we did not make it to the mountains until supper so there went all the things I wanted to do for my birthday. Then we found out the restaurant we wanted to go to closed down too. I was a really sucky day! Today I was able to do a bit of shopping. I went to the sugarpine company in Canmore where if you are a quilter or just love fabric (fabby) you would be drooling. I was also able to go to the rocky mountain soap company too. I just love there soap. We then headed to banff I had dh drop my son and I off since he is not a good shopper and my fil cannot walk much. So away we went. I found a few things I liked got my candy apple then proceeded to get a frantic call from hubby that we had to head back to town because he needed to find papers for the car. So much for plans today too.

So after all that I am here venting to you guys when you probably just want to see some stitchy stuff. So I did manage to get to Traditional Stitches. Loved being there again and was able to buy fabric and thread I needed along with the snowflake buttons to finish off the fatman for my mom yahoo. Now I have to find a frame too.
My son learned how to sit in his chair this week, I'm a proud mama



  1. Oh my! Sorry to hear about your car! But happy to hear that the rest of the day was okay! Nice for you to see the mountains which should rejuvenate you! Love to see your Fatmen finished, as I am just waiting for fabby from Dovestitch, and 123stitch to stitch mine. Hope you have a great week! Happy Stitching!! :)

  2. Hi, sorry to read about your car but but happy to read the other things. Thanks for the pics, they remind me to a nice vacation I had in 2012. Was in that region for 2 weeks so I know Canmore (very nice town) and the shop!
    I am Gabi and I live in Germany.
    Have a nice day.

  3. So sorry to read you are having a less than fab time. I love reading your usual upbeat posts so I know with this you are feeling crummy. It's allowed. Your little man in his chair is soooo cute! Hang in there. Cars can be fixed or replaced and better days are ahead.

  4. So sorry to read that you've lost two ladies that I'm sure were very important in your life. I have always missed my step-grandmother. My natural grandmother died before I was born, but my step-grandmother was there always. I could always talk to her and enjoyed being with her.

    Love the picture of your stitchy haul! Good for you. That would certainly brighten my day!

    LindaLee from
    My Stitches


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