Sunday, May 26, 2013

A Stitcher Needed to help please as I cannot

I received a very nice email today and I am going to share it with you, If you can help out or know a ghost stitcher maybe could you pass it along for me.
Please post a link on your blog if you cannot help so maybe we can get the word out. I have her email address when someone is interested. Thanks for your help cause I know stitchers are the most compassionate people out there!!

To Whom it may concern,
I am in need of finding a person to complete two cross stitch pattern for me.  I promised my mother I would get them done for her, but unfortunately cross stitch is not my thing!!!!
I have everything needed to complete them.  Two counted cross stitch patterns, threads, needles and frame.
The cross stitch patterns etc. came from my elderly mother, who loved to cross stitch but can no longer do it.
 I am looking for a cross stitch person who would complete them for me (will pay).  My mother had made them years ago but unfortunately the cross stitches got destroyed in a fire.
I would love to replace for her.
Can you please help me find someone willing to take this on.
Thank you


Both patterns are from the JohnClayton collection  called Game of Bowls. One is gentlemen playing bowls and one is ladys playing bowls. size is (27 count) 17 3/4" x 7 3/4".
From the studio of hertiage stitchcraft.
I live in New York and my mother lives in England.



  1. Tammy, there is a group of people who are paid stitchers. Check out this link:

    Hope this might help the person.

  2. Those are beautiful! Reminds me of when I lived in Germany; there was always a game of lawn bowling going on the weekends in the park. Good luck, I hope you find someone to pick these up.

  3. I could help with these items if she still has them available. You could give her my email.


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