Monday, May 13, 2013

Another project?

Still no stitching to report.... Hope everyone had a happy mothers day.  Mine was pretty qiiet except ending up bringing my son to the hospital.  He has hand foot mouth virus.  So anyways i guess mothers day ment taking care of my son which is really what it is all about right? My husband re urns from out east tomorrow night.  Then maybe Tuesday night i can start getting some stitching done.  I have started the white on the fairy wings and i think it is going to take a while,  there is a lot of white!
My husband wanted me to make a quit for a special friend this summer,  but as I had pisted in the past cannot find the sewing machine cord or its in storage or lost. I don't know.  What i thought about last night though is that she really wanted winter angel from lavender and lace.  Althoygh i have alreafy stitched it once its benn long enough that i think i would be willing to stitch it again.  Only tjing is that means putting the chatalaine on the bavk burner still. Hmmm i have to do a ome pricing and locating but thay may be what happens for the next stitching project

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  1. Sorry about Nicola being ill! I hope he gets better soon! On a side note, if I can understand your typing - is that scary or does it just mean I understand you? LOL

    Try to hang in there!


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