Thursday, June 6, 2013

Soooo freaking happy!

Look what our mover found,  well the missing piece that is.  Yahoo so glad my third arm is home with me! Now just gotta teach little one not to touch that should be fun lol.
Here is the wing so far,  as almost done the white on it then going to add the veins in backstitch (krenik) yuck.
Son soaking wet.  They were testing the splash park and my little boy loves water so he wanted to play.  At least it was warm out that day. All we have been getting is rain most days.
Now i will go with a smile on my face now only thing missing is sewing machine cord but pretty sure its in s box somewhere with craft stuff in storage. Happy stitching!


  1. Adorable little one. Good luck with teaching him not to touch. If you master that one you would be the envy of all mothers around the world!

  2. Very cool stand. I didn't realize you were missing something so important, but so glad you found it! I would freak out and spend every single minute searching!

    My best friend made me a butterfly that she designed herself and after she finished it, should couldn't find it. Turned up months later underneath some stuff her husband had put on top of it on the floor. Husbands...meh.


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