Monday, September 23, 2013


I am really po'd.  I started using blogloving then found feedly and lived it.  I go on today and there are porn graphic r rated can i describe it further on my freaking feedly for stitching blogs. Do they think i don't get enough excitement in my life or what.  I guess now its back to bloglovin and i am seriously going to put in a nasty complaint letter.
I started a new project while I wait for tge darn fabric for b&b to show up and the sucky thing is if it shows up i can't get it until probably Thursday because of the hrs of the post office.  I guess I can send my fil but what fun is that?
I'll post a picture of new project hope the picture turns out

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  1. I had some porn show up in my bloglovin feed last week - yuck!!


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