Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Look at this little cutey!!!! I cannot wait to get my hands on this munchkin to stitch for my grandma!!

Well looks like I am fighting another infection, now I have Bells Palsey nice eh. Anyways I got my fabric and my wing nuts going to start on B&B tonight. Check my other blog for updates on that nightmare lol of a pattern.

question for all of you that enter fairs. If you stitch a piece half over dyes and half not do you think they would say something. I mean I guess they won't know exactly what the designer called for but what so you think?



  1. cooo I thought you were doing a post for me ...lol and that mousie is sooooo cute it was a limited edition so I hope you manage to get one :)
    sorry to hear about the infection and the bells palsey .. what a pain .... and can't help you with the question I am afraid as never entered my work .... love mouse xxxxx

  2. I don't think the fairs really care as they don't know what the designer called for and some designers do have both in their design. Sorry to hear about the bells palsy, feel better.

  3. Love the little JN mousie.
    I had Bells Palsy about 8 years ago and it healed fine. I still notice a little droopiness in that eye and a twitch on that side when I'm stressed but no-one else can tell.


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