Monday, November 11, 2013


Messy ones of my craft room, its not staying at all like this. Just haven't quite figured out where stuff is going to go yet. I am also missing my cutting table and hopefully a bookshelf. Just waiting to have time to go to Ikea which probably won't be for a bit yet.
what a mess!
 new track lighting will be up this weekend. I hope halogen is good for seeing colours and material!
 don't mind the cat litter its not staying just temporary until bathroom reno is completed. There is room for a comfy chair but all the ones I have come across are all to expensive so that might be on hold for a good bit of time. I usually stitch in front of the tv anyways.
 new blinds, still need to find a nice valance of some sort. Was thinking lace.
going to have a bookcase on this wall, and all the stitching I have done that dosen't get a spot in the main house.



  1. You are off to a great start! It is going to be an awesome space. Love the wall color....a a favorite color of mine.

  2. Looks fab! I would love to have my own space!

  3. I love the colour you have chosen :)

  4. Your craft room looks great Tammy and not that messy. I love the color.



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