Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy 2014

Love this picture.
I wonder if you have checked out my crochet blog. Loving it soo much, crocheting that is. I will still blog on here but I think I will be on a stitching hiatus for a while. I would like to still continue to stitch my ornaments though so I think that is the plan. Check out the updated Blog for ornaments too. I have posted the new link on the left and crochet blog link is on the right.

Happy January and 2014 may this year be better then the last!


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  1. Have you decided to run the Christmas Blog that Lainey was doing?
    I'm doing the Hallowe'en one! They were just too good to let them stop.
    Hopefully Lainey will be able to join us in the future.


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