Monday, April 21, 2014

Pots of Flowers

wow look at this beautiful pattern perfect for spring and my wall!!, I might be ready to hit the needle and thread again....Then again I better finish my crochet projects first then head back...
Trying to blog a little here. A lot of things going on in my life right now with the biggest being my father in law is dying slowly from ephazema at the hospital. We have a couple good days then a bad one or a scare. He is on a ventilator as of today so I don't know how tomorrow will go....



  1. Sorry to hear about your FIL. Blogging can be a great escape at times like this. The community is very supportive too.

  2. Love this one. Hang in there....

  3. Sorry to hear of your FIL. My stepdad had it so I know how horrible it is to watch. Prayers (if they won't cause offence) and good thoughts coming your way for all of you.

    Pots of Flowers looks very pretty!

  4. I really like this pattern! So sorry to read about your Father in Law.


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