Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Countdown clock to what??

October 3rd 2008 was my first blog post and now 6 years later I am still plugging away at my blog.

I have almost made it to 1000 posts which is awesome I think

This has made it to my want list and I have mom on the lookout for it in the states for me.
I love it...don't love that is is a kit though....

Ok so make sure you watch the countdown on the side....something might be happening on my blog when it gets to 0 but it might be a little bit (if you figure it out what I am counting down let me know :)......link all your friends to watch too

May you have no frogs at your stitching chair today.... Tammy


  1. I love that kit too! Have too many big projects on the go to justify buying another though.
    Hmm...is it Christmas? Or New Year? I know I could do the maths but I'm just too lazy.

  2. Love that kit!! The colours are just gorgeous!! Here's hoping your mom can find it for you.
    Is the countdown - the day you will be a Pharmacy Technician?

  3. That's when you will hit 1000 posts on your blog?


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