Monday, October 6, 2014

Sunday, 18 degrees and all is well

Hi everyone how are we doing tonight??  I haven't stitched in a few days, fighting some darn cold that has knocked my energy out. Barely making it through work, not studying either but I did manage to finish my assignments on time Thank God.
I am hoping to stitch Tuesday maybe it will be my sanity as my son goes in to have tubes put into his ears to try and prevent all these dumb ear infections that we dealt with this past year. The procedure is only 20 min but he still has to go under anesthesia so that part is making me uneasy. I am probably blowing it out of proportion but he is my baby.

This is an update to my angel though, what I have finished in the last week.
I really still do not know how the orange in the dress will play out against the pink and red but oh well.
Garnet is usually a burnt orangy red stone



  1. Your angel stitching is coming along great. And I love the combination of all sorts of red including oranges. But of course that's a quetion of taste.

    Hopefully your cold will go away soon. And good luck to your little son. I'm sure it will make a big difference concerning his ear infections.

  2. Wonderful progress Tammy. The colors look great. My grandson use to have tubes and he never had any problems with them.


  3. Your angel is looking beautiful. I hope your cold clears up soon. Good luck to your little boy. I am sure you will have a much healthier winter with those tubes in place. Keep strong for him.


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