Saturday, October 18, 2014

WHEW its over

Hi there,
yup I am back to the calm relived world of no exams until next weekend that is I have a midterm but I am not to stressed about it.

SO I was able to go to the Craft Corner and I was very impressed especially that they do framing in their store too. I might have a new frame shop even though its 2 hrs away it might be worth the journey.

So while I was there I bought these

I found some mill hill ornie kits that I could not pass up. I also got the sheltering tree with some new material and a different floss, more on that later. I found some opalescence blue that is for a design on order, but I cannot post it now just yet. I also was able to buy almost all the beads and treasures for the roses of providence (fabby is on order). Oh and some sampler and weeks threads for a cute Halloween picture that I want to start 
this is the picture of the Rocky Mountains I took when we were up there this week it had snowed the day before.
last night hotel room all to myself books everywhere, Pepsi, smart popcorn, tv, computer and no hubby or 3 year old. Oh and I did not sleep either (really noisy and too stressed).
I am hoping I passed. I was iffy about 30 questions and had a margin of 45 wrong to still pass out of 150 (70%). So I will know November 28th if I am able to write the March BIG Licensing Exams.
I am just glad its over for now, I can breath for a bit and stitch

May you have no frogs at your stitching chair today.... Tammy


  1. Great stash!! Good luck on your exams!!!

  2. Great stash haul! Aren't they fabulous there?

    Fingers crossed for your exam results... Nov 28 will be here before you know it!


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