Saturday, October 11, 2014

Why are decisions sooo hard??

Has anybody used the fabric viewer. Ok be prepared before you go to the link because you might be stuck at your computer for a while

The Cross Stitch Design and Fabric Viewer

I have been on it for a while I wanted to see if Stephanie's fabrics had a colour i liked for Roses of Providence be Mirabilia  (sorry butchered spelling)

I got it down to:
fairy dust

I can't afford them all so I really have to pick one ugh, I can't even post them here cause it won't save them with the background fabby, what's a girl to do???

This being a long weekend I am also on Holidays with a big provincial exam coming up on Saturday in Edmonton (still haven't looked up stitching stores yet). I am slacking and doing cross stitch related stuff like selling patterns on a Canadian facebook site cause I just have no interest in those specific ones anymore. Guess my tastes have changed after my break from stitching. Has this happened to you?

This is what I ended up doing today instead of studying

Alberta Children's Hospital Bear where all admition was donated to them and where my son had surgery last week

he ran out did not like it

loved the pig

loved the horse/cart ride


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  1. Edmonton just has one stitching store, The Craft Connection, and the owners are wonderful ladies!


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