Monday, January 5, 2015

Birthday stitching

Got some more orange done on garnet fairy tonight.  Little by little she is getting there.
I watched the movie chef,  it was a really nice heartwarming movie to watch (and stitch by) and of course I love food so it made it even better!

thanks for all your birthday wishes!!!!


  1. Lovely stitching! Happy birthday (again!) xx

  2. Happy belated Birthday wishes. And great stitching!

  3. Happy belated birthday Tammy! Your progress is awesome, and your stitching is just breathtaking, I love the colors :) I am always awed by those of you who tackle Mirabilia.
    My sons loved that movie and keep telling me I have to watch may have inspired me on that too.

  4. I can't watch TV while I stitch. I get too distracted. Not to mention I take my glasses off to see up close and have to put them on for distances.... Way too much trouble LOL. So I usually stitch Iin the peace and quiet of my room.


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