Saturday, January 10, 2015

Off we go....

I am apart of the turtle trot and we are to post tonight, I hopefully will be able to do that from Banff if all goes well. I have been working on my Garnet Fairy and on my Mandala this week.

We are leaving for a day in the mountains, I have finally figured out the color of thread cool Azul on Crystal Aerial fabric a light opalescence blue(the picture of the fabric I took sucks and the ones on line do too). I need to do a spacial gift but of course I am almost out so I have one being shipped Monday and I'll use up what I have until then. I can't post the pattern though as this person might read my blog.

New!!! Its called Barbara, and I want them to add to my collection but can't whaaaaaaaaaa they will have to wait I guess.


  1. Oh my! Enjoy your day up in Banff, we haven't had a chance to get out there this year yet, but hopefully later in the month.

  2. Lovely scissors! I have the Julia ones and they are really pretty and more importantly very sharp.


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