Thursday, February 12, 2015

sick children make your heart ache

my baby boy was sick all last night so I am staying home with him today hopefully we will both sleep. Of course I feel guilty and I was suppose to be off tomorrow. So I asked my boss if I could go in 10-2 tomorrow and make up some hours but then I am am working until next wed then have thurs-sun of so it will be a stitch-crochet-study fest yahoo.

I am going to study a bit today too and then work on my fairy some more , hmm maybe she will actuall be done by next weekend would that not be great.

I keep thinking about that dragonfly tile kit, I really hope to buy it soon....



  1. AAWW it's never fun to have a sick child. Hopefully you were both able to get some rest today.

  2. I hope your little guy is feeling better soon!

  3. Hope the little one is much better soon!

  4. Hope he is well soon! I remember those days too. Now the babies are grown!

  5. Sick children are particularly even more heartbreaking to see, because they are the ones who are most vulnerable, whose immune systems aren't well developed yet and who doesn't have the health history to withstand all of these illnesses yet. So it fundamentally feels unfair. I hope that your kids are getting the proper medical attention and are steered clear of these illnesses.

    Paul Quinn @ MedCare Pediatric


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