Sunday, February 8, 2015

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hi there, thought I would touch base...

well after getting my butt to move I finally found a frame for my mom piece. Went to an everything store happen to glance up and it was there calling my name. I didn't need glass so it worked it too and only 15$ yahoo

 Beaded Dragonfly Tile
I was very excited to see this but disappointed too (cause I have to wait for money)
This design I have been looking at for a while and it will be my big next purchase. Hopefully when taxes come back. It was finally released on the website. Click picture to learn more about it. It is pretty reasonably priced too because it is a smaller piece. I have Alpine Garden Mandala to do too but I think it might be better to do one of her smaller one first ---eventually...I guess that will give me time to save up on stash money too from the stitch from stash.
I have been stitching like mad on my fairy since friday night
Guess I am on a mission lol tonight is suppose to be studying and tiger night might might just keep going on the angel i so wanna finish her so at least one wip is done.

I know a lot of stitchers use different scissors and I am partial to ginghers because of the cute designs and they stay sharp but I have found a different kind of scissor that I enjoy far more then them and they are soooo much cheaper!! Stay tuned for a post about cotton candy :) 

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  1. Lucky you - that frame is perfect. Nice progress on the fairy.



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