Sunday, April 5, 2015

nice things to see and learn

I am wasting the day away. I have been living on facebook groups all day yesterday and today while laying on the couch and trying to feel better.
I have seen some really neat stuff though I gotta say. One lady did a beautiful coin purse the sewing and the stitching is perfect. This is something I would really like to try one of these days. Just wish I had a twin that was a finisher.
Here is one of the pictures of it as there was a few it was stitched by Maria Demina on the group Cross stitching is my thing. You can see all the pictures in the group. I think Vonna at the twisted stitcher needs to make a tutorial for this one then I might actually be able to make one :)

The other thing I had read about was a pin stitch. Hmmm I still do not know if I like this idea or not.
It is used when you have single stitched where no other stitching is. I tend to do the loop method and weave a lot. This method is sorta like making a anchor then your cross then anchoring again at the end. I haven't tried it because I think you would see the anchored stitches and it would look more like a star instead. But that is just my guess. Here is a link on it 
I did watch a u-tube video on it. I find she does talk a bit so you might have to fast forward to the 7min mark. What do you do for these type of stitches? I am interested to hear from you.


  1. Awww Thank you, Tammy ))))) I am so glad that you like my coin purse!

  2. Not that there's ever a good thing about not feeling well, but it does give you a time to stop and just look around the internet and discover new things.

  3. I use the pin stitch when using 1 strand. It is more of a chore but sometimes I have no choice. It is not noticeable to me.

    Right now I am doing a kit that came with very short threads so now I have to use 2 separate threads and use the pin stitch quite a lot. Not my favorite thing but again I have no choice.

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