Friday, May 8, 2015


Sorry I have been MIA. Stitching bug went away for a while as the stress of finding out my exam marks are getting closer. I will know on Wednesday. cross your fingers and toes for me.

I also have started coaching my 3 year olds soccer team so if you have any advice for a newbie I am all ears!

Hoping to get some stitching done tonight we will see


May you have no frogs at your stitching chair today.... Tammy


  1. Welcome back, Tammy :-) Life does get busy. Good luck with your results; keeping my fingers crossed for you, too!


  2. Hello Tammy!
    I have arrived at my home thursday night. I was in Montreal for five days and in Toronto for four days!
    I was to Niagara Falls too!
    I love Canada so much!! But is so far away :-(

  3. Tying to find the time in my schedule to get my mojo back for my stitching and blogs! Hugs!


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