Friday, May 22, 2015

some things brighter

Thanks everyone!
Although I have received some great news in these past few week including me passing and getting licensed, my parents house selling finally and my husband finding a Dr finally we are struggling with the final thing which is finances. Hopefully though we will get the solved in the next couple of weeks but man does it ever effect a relationship and stress level eek. Day by Day right now and the stitchy bug has only come to me a couple times.

Although I did manage to find 1 bright spot. I was smart enough to start a savings account to put away money for my son and I to travel home the end of August. I think it will calm me down a bit too. Also was able to get concert tickets to Shania. I am not a big concert goer but figured it was a date night hubby and I need and we both love her. From this moment was our wedding song.

Anyways tonight I am stitching because I really would like to finish a piece for my dad before we head home hmm t-190 days
Moms going to make me paint and I am going to make her take me to Hobby Lobby and buy yarn lol

so will post what I accomplish tonight later on....


  1. Hope everything will come together for you soon!

  2. Hang in there, Tammy. I know how hard it is to stretch those dollars until they snap, and added health problems are no fun. Sending you hugs and hoping more things brighten soon.


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