Friday, August 14, 2015

Mind Picking

Wow what a hard week I just went through!! Anyways so glad I made it to Friday!! Tomorrow there might be a little happy dance going on. Check back for pictures prob Sunday sometime.

I read something on the facebook group that made me think tonight about me, WIPS and the stitching bug.
I am usually a 1 at a time stitcher I find once I get engrossed in a pattern I don't want to stop. I have a few WIPS and I am trying to finish them. I read about having more then one project so that you don't get bored or lose the bug. I think that in my case having more then one WIP causes two things to happen. If I go back to one (like casting a spell) I end up just stitching on it. Rotation does not work for me it seems. The second thing is if I go back to a WIP that hardly has been stitched on I will usually rip it out and put it away. (which I am going to look at some tonight that are kitted) I only like to kit when I know I will be starting otherwise I loose track of where my threads and accessories are. I cannot afford to by triples ect of threads and stuff.

I crashed and bought these two lovely ladies of the stash group. I love them and they will be on my to do soon list (along with everything else lol

Anyway guess I am blabbering hope it made sense and I hope to figure out in the long run how to make a rotation work or get my WIPs done. I have a couple little projects waiting in the wings so I might do 1 big project which will be my tiger and then have the smalls in the wings hmmmm
Guess I better kit those up and I need to get my to go bag ready for my Ontario trip too.
I am adding more and more things to the giveaway, I am thinking now if I get a really good turn out for it with help from readers to advertise of course we can have more then one drawing. I haven't made my final decision just yet.....


  1. I'm one of those who have to have more than one WIPs on the go, since I get bored easily. However, I don't follow a rotation, I just switch projects when I feel like it:)

  2. I love those two ladies you just purchased. I pretty much like to do one stitching project at a time also. Right now I have one really large project and one small. There is another that is started, but it has been languishing for over a year now. Enjoy you weekend.

  3. I'm currently a mostly one at a time stitcher. I have two small projects I can do on the go but it's mostly just my one big wip that I work on.

  4. Nice progress Tammy. I love your new charts. I have 250 started but only work on a very few.


  5. Love the new patterns! Great progress :) I normally have 2 projects going at once and switch between the two when I get bored :)


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