Sunday, August 16, 2015

no happy dance...yet but INFO-BAGS/COVERS

Well instead of stitching last night I do everything but. OMG I have bought a lot of big patterns this year. I was finishing going through my to sell stuff and my drawers of partly kitted stuff oh my. Therefore updated my blog with start pictures on right side to inspire me to keep at them :). I have more I want to start now and had to order some more fabric to help eek. But my sale helped me I have some goodies coming so will show you stash mail when it comes in.

Lets talk Bags/covers and all Links provided

I have also found this Lady on esty and oh my I love her covers. I have bags but was looking for a cover for my 12x12 just in case while its sitting my 3 yr old does not spill something or use his crayon on it. 
this is the fabric I choose and she is making me a grime guard too yeah!! She lives in Croatia too so it will be neat to see how long before it shows up. So I paid it today so lets see (I better tag this post)

Another Lady named Joan that makes pouches is from the stash for sale group on facebook

The fabrics she uses are beautiful and is one reason I am drawn to them. I think I need one for my smaller projects so I can leave one in my locker at work!! 
(we have those dumb small 4x4 lockers not the long one so make it difficult to bring a large project)
I asked her if she had a group just for these I hope she does because they are awesome!! update: looks like she does have a group  LINK awesome its brand new!!!!! Lets give her some LIKES!!
In the mean time go check out her blog!!!
Here is the albums Link but again you might have to belong to the group first

Also if you are on that group check out this Album too. I have these decorative pins/counting pins mine are on order :)

There have been some others too I have seen. This is the inside of another bag

beautiful but unfortunately out of my price range right now. She also makes a bunch of other stuff too.

The Last bag I might have talked about already, but will again. The reason is I really think it is sooo useful for my UFOs and WIPS
its a Janetbasket Eco Bag
it does zip up also has pockets all on inside. I got it originally for my big crochet projects but looks like I will need to eventually get a 2nd.
If you google it or search ebay, joanns or amazon you can find them quite easily.
Totally worth it!
Have fun looking at Bags hope you enjoyed my excitement now to finish that darn house on casting

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