Thursday, October 1, 2015


We get results today of biopsy just waiting for the phone call from mother in law.
Its been a hard week so I found this and thought i would post it

If book lovers ruled the world…

1. "Every rainy day would be Stay Home and Read a Book Day." (A J MacDonald Jr)

2. "We would measure life by chapters, not minutes. Example: I'll be there after a cup of coffee and two chapters." (Rebecca Brewster)

3. "There would be a library on every corner…In other words, a library inside every Starbucks." (Renee Bradshaw)

4. "We would get a free ebook version when buying a hardcover or paperback book." (Tammy Hennig)

5. "Reality television would be replaced by story hour(s), and the grammar police would be real." (Team Linda Gray)

6. "Libraries and public schools would be properly funded." (Darcy Marwick)

7. "Book release days would be national holidays!" (Melissa Fetterman)

8. "You'd get a book, not money, under your pillow from the Tooth Fairy." (CruzMissile)

9. "Book groups would replace political parties." (Book Discussion Scheme)

10. "There would be a book hour in addition to a lunch hour at work every day." (Cindy Bell)


  1. I love this! When I was in school in 5th and 6th grade I had the same teacher and once a month on Friday was Snuggle Up and Read Day. We pushed all of the desks to the sides of the room, brought in our blankets and pillows and stayed in our pjs and read all day. It was great! I'm planning on being a teacher and I'm going to do the same thing.

  2. I love this! I think the world would be a better place if book lovers did rule.


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