Sunday, February 22, 2009

Do I Want to Stitch or Clean the house???

I don't know if you stitcher's get in a funk where you just don't want to stitch for a while. I seem to go through this about once a year and right now I have been in it for over a year. Actually since I moved to Ontario from Alberta. Everything is not the same and I don't have my stitching

I have been trying to pick up my angel again 1-because I know my husband has been wanting me to do it for so long and 2-every time I go back and check out the web sites I get excited to stitch then when I get off the computer I seem to always go and do something else.

friends out here. I guess i miss the company that came along with stitching.I am holding off buying two patterns that I will eventually buy because of this no stitching problem one is Jeanette Douglas I love to read and the 2nd one is the new Heirloom Stitching Sampler & Forever and Always by Victoria Sampler because it basically states how I became a stitcher.

Happy Stitching

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