Sunday, April 5, 2009

How To Ort Box...

Ok Here comes the instructions how to make your very own Ort Box. If there's any questions let me know...first time teaching something on the web.

You will need a 12 x 12 piece of paper, tape and a folding bone or ruler for pressing edges down. Scrapbooking paper is the best because you can get sooo many different patterns. Just be careful the way the images are going. I usually pick mine so the images aren't just up and down. I'll just be using blank today.Some use mac tack to cover the paper first before starting to have the box last longer its up to you. JUST A TIP TO START--PRESS ALL CREASE FIRM!!

Fold in half

Fold that piece in half--

then open and turn fold in half again
and that piece fold again. It will look like a bunch of boxes

fold it back in half if you have opened ends facing you.
(sorry picture sideways couldn't fix it)
Fold down first corner till it meets half line and right side
of first box !!!Press and crease FIRMLY
repeat for 2nd triangle..only folding and creasing to halfway mark
not the whole thing!
third triangle

forth triangle
ok this is what it should look like ( I accidentally crease
passed the halfway mark so that's why you can see
on the bottom half sorry)

Cut bottom squares on creases to half way mark only
(still having the paper folded)

This is what it looks like....then fold the paper this time right and left side to middle. VERY IMPORTENT the diagonals must be going from bottom left to top right on the outside when folded ...see next picture cause its wrong

the diagonals in this picture are wrong, so I opened it
flipped it over and folded to the center so they were

tape the two where they meet close as you
can get them without overlapping

this is it taped ( my diagonals are still wrong in this
picture ignore)

k put your box like in the picture
then your going to fold around in a circle twice until all
squares are level as a bottom

tape the sides

now you have a ort box to decorate but.....This is a travel Ort Box.

You will have to manipulate the box a bit the fist time folding them it will open and close like butter with a twist of the hand

Now the fun part STICKERS!!! LOL

Hope I did an ok job teaching this I wish I had bought more paper to fix my diagonals foe you. As you can see in the last 3 photos I had to use a different box. When the diagonals aren't right the box doesn't fold like it should.

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  1. Tammy

    I just saw your post on Stitcher's Village and followed the link. I can't wait to go get some cool scrapbooking paper and try these out!. I like the idea that they collapse for travel too!

    (I normally lurk and post a little :-) )


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