Sunday, April 12, 2009

Well I didn't buy as much as I thought I would so that was good. I also had a friend of mine with me who doesn't cross stitch so she was amazed buy all the colours and patterns. It was neat to see the reaction. My friend is Muslim so she was telling me that they are not allowed to have anything (pictures) hanging in their house that has eyes. It seemed a little weird to me but good thing the piece I stitched for her birthday was only a phrase.

I did find out that the shop had released an eight month sampler. So after taking forever to choose colour I'm going to start it tonight 1 over 1. I have to get 3 releases done to be caught up for next month....shouldn't be a problem I think. My colours are in the picture the green with the silk over dyed.

I also have started on my angels face so its coming out now that she is real not just a bunch of stitches.

Now if only my husband would go to bed then I can stitch and watch movies and relax!

Happy Easter and Happy Stitching

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