Tuesday, May 19, 2009

my brother-in-law, niece and me

Well my trip to Montreal wasn't that exciting. It was great to see my In'Laws.
I do feel guilty though...I had made it on Weight Watchers (WW) to my 10% loss goal which was 20 lbs. I was very proud of myself since it is not an easy thing to do!! But this weekend with having all the great junk food around that Montreal has to offer I couldn't hold out!! Temptation hit big time. This has only really been my first big oops since starting the program the end of Feb. so hopefully I will be back on track now that I am home.

I did finish reading 2 more of the Sookie Stackhouse series books and am now working my way through the 6th one.

I did get a little bit of cross stitch done on my eight month sampler. Its 1 over 1 and boy was I a dim doe!! I forgot to bring my travel ott light!! and to make matters worse my mighty bright had broke the day that we left. Its going on my list of things to buy next from the LNS!!

You know there is nothing like sitting at your stitching place at home! I found I was a little uncomfortable sitting at my father -in-laws and couldn't wait to return home where all my stash was.

I was going to attempt to start a new project but was able to fight that temptation since my goal this year it to finish all the ones I have started already (I hoping by end of summer to have most of them complete or nearly)

Anyhow didn't make it the the LNS in Montreal maybe next time. I'll have to get my husband to Pinky swere on this. LOL.

Hopefully I will get some of my Lavender and Lave Angel of Spring done this week so I can updated on that blog and this one. I am a little behind in posting.

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