Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I've decided that there are too many UFO's in my drawer. I am one that does one project at a time. I have lost interest in some of these projects so I am going to rip out the 20-30 stitches I have done and file the patterns away for when I actually want to stitch them. Here I go.....

OK now I have a lot and I mean A LOT of thread to file back into my stash cabinet.
Oh well I feel better now that I have reduced my UFOs by two projects. Not all that thread is from just the UFOs its just ones I haven't had time to put away.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CANADA Since now that I am completing this post it is now after 12 p.m. I get the day off and get to sleep in. My DH has to work so I am heading off to a friends place for the afternoon and to watch some movies. Its suppose to rain so I don't really know if we will make it to see the fire works but maybe we will be able to get in a walk during the day in between showers. That would be nice.

I have stitched some too maybe I'll post pictures tomorrow when I get back or I will post them Thursday night instead.

Happy Stitching

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