Sunday, June 28, 2009

Well I am glad I started this when I did even though it is still going to be late! My husband didn't inform me that my Brother-in-Law and his fiance had moved up there wedding date too......drumroll.....Tuesday June 30th.
Ummm can I say that now we will have to decline to be there. I can't believe men would forget such an important event! I tell you sometimes it makes me wonder....but I won't get into that now or this will turn into a venting post.

So I finished the sampler today and it turned out OK except I should have done it in a touch darker blue so it would have stood out a bit more. I accented the first letters of the two name in Krenik just to make them pop out a bit more. I hope it looks OK...of course my husband says anything I sew looks beautiful but he is not a very good judge of colour!

I couldn't believe that when I went to a frame it store just to get a price (this is prob around 5x7) they wanted to charge me 100$ just for the frame and glass. Come on now that is getting ridiculous! I can't wait to go to the States in July (to Arnies) by frames at the craft store and frame my pieces myself. I can't afford to get any of my pieces framed at that price. Could you imagine what my Lavender and Lace Angels would cost me to frame. I think I would have to get out a small loan!

Anyhow I did get glass cut for my friends picture I did a month back and I also got glass to finish off a tray I did. I will post it after I get the wood varnished.

Now whats next on my list to do......I have to sew my pin keep together and then work on a UFO I think....

happy stitching


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