Saturday, June 20, 2009

Well I have been organizing my craft stuff/stash again...I do about every 6 months ...thought maybe it would kick me into gear to do my stitching.
I move my quilting stuff to storage for now and am now working on filing all me patterns that haven't been, and adding the new floss to the lists I keep. I still need to update my sampler and gentle arts list with the new colours too.
Well hopefully will be done in a couple of hours then I am going to make myself sit down and stitch something....don't know if its a ufo or a new one but maybe I'll find something exciting while I am rummaging through my stash

For those of you who aren't apart of stitcher's village (which you should join its free!)

I am going to post some abbreviations as they are very funny:
I'll add them at the side somewhere so check them out!

Happy stitching!

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