Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Had to stop at my parents house on the way to camp so I thought I would do a short blurb on here.
My angel is stitching up really nice since it has been raining almost everyday at camp. Cold too. There are brown bears in the area and everyone at the camp is using there security alarm on their cars as a warning but we haven't had one go off yet during the night. I had thought I heard one though the other night on my way to the washroom which is close by thank god ! Quickest pee I ever took LOL. To much information I know haha.

I got the material to start my Inspiration with me but I have held out so far on starting it ain't I a good girl? We are going shopping in Hougton Lake to Arnie's craft store tomorrow about a 3 hr drive and then heading to Grayling for shopping at Meier's which I haven't been at since I was a kid I hope it is worth the extra drive.. I would rather go to a target...which reminds me to search their addresses while I am online.

Well not back at a computer till Monday night then I will have pictures to go along with my post.


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  1. Hope you have a good week and skip inbetween the rain drops. It has rains twice here this week. The first time was for 2 days and the next was for 4. be always in stitches


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