Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Well two more days then I am off to see the beautiful Lake Superior. Just hope it isn't freezing cold since we haven't had much of a warm summer and its suppose to rain till Thursday. Tuesday is My DH and I's 2nd anniversary ( the 1st one we didn't get a chance to celebrate ) so this time I planned it and we are going to Mackinaw City for a nite. I can't wait!!

I told my mom with all the bad weather I should get in a ton of stitching, I think. The only problem is that whenever I am at the trailer I just can't get comfortable inside or out. It's not my stitching zone. I hope maybe this time will be different because I really want to get my Angel completed so I can start Inspiration. I am having my friend pick up the material tomorrow from Gitta's since I can't make it there before I leave for camp. Dangerous to have it with me and want to start it so bad!

Well I guess we will see.
This will prob be my last post till I get back so talk to you all on August 3rd.
P.s. I still get all your comments on my blackberry :)

Happy Stitching

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