Saturday, August 8, 2009

Hello All

Well I started doing a research project today. Finding out how many designer scissors there are in the the collection and which ones I have and do not have. What a project that was...and now I know what I would like for Christmas.

When I went to the U.S. shopping we went into one of the Jo-Annes fabric Super Centres and I just happened to find the last pair of "Criss". I did a happy dance in the isle. On top of that they were 50% off!! That made my day and that ended out shopping trip too! Here's a picture of them.

"Criss" 2009 Shadow Box with All of them in it and named yeah.

Anyhow I have spent the other half of my day doing errands.
First I went to Weight Watchers and I can't believe that after all the junk I had I stayed the same weight. I was soooo thrilled.
Then I had to go to the bank because someone tried to copy my debit card again so I had to go change my pin what a pain and embarrassing when you are declined and you know you just got paid. Thank God it happened at work!
Then my hubby made pizza for lunch ...well frozen pizza and I have been on the computer since.
I plan on putting the rest of my threads (DMC) away in my cabinet. Here's a picture I don't think I ever posted one. A gentleman in Calgary made it. I love it!!

Well it off to organize some more--my second hobby....

happy stitching

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  1. yay! you found Criss and at a great deal too.
    And you stayed at the same weight without gaining that's good too.
    Me likes the cabinet and the floss, lol


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