Friday, August 14, 2009

It seems to me I am reading more blogs and getting excited but when I go to stitch I'm not excited anymore. I think I have the 3756 blues. I need more colour lol.

Went to see Harry potter tonight with DH. It was worth the wait and I find I didn't spend the whole movie comparing it to the book like I did last time. So it was ether more like it or I just didn't pay attention and enjoyed it.

Well I hope to get some stitching in this weekend lets see what happens...I work till 5 tomorrow then I have all night and Sunday after housework is done.

Happy Stitching and enjoy your weekend!!



  1. Explain this thing you call housework, I do not comprehend that concept. lol. I am sure you are not excited about stitching because you are so Blue. Be always in stitches and maybe after the 24th we can get together to stitch for a while.

  2. That sounds great can't wait!! Yeah I think I'm going skip the housework till later ....



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